Business and Commercial Law


Sale and Purchase of a Business

Your business is more than just assets and more than just a job, there will be financial liabilities and other responsibilities that you will need to deal with.

The terms of the agreement for sale are critical for the transfer of ownership of the assets and liabilities of the business. The preparation of the agreement for sale requires thorough review.

You need expert and experienced advice when buying or selling a business.


Building and Construction

Tierney Law acts for clients in this area ranging from large building companies to residential owners.

You should first ensure that you have the right sort of contract for your project.  Very often this is not the case.

Building disputes can be stressful particularly for homeowners and small builders reliant on cash-flow.  Tierney Law will provide full and practical advice.

Tierney Law can advise and assist with:

  • creating appropriate contracts;
  • reviewing proposed contracts;
  • tenders and negotiations;
  • Building Act compliance;
  • the role of building surveyors;
  • litigation and alternative dispute resolution; and
  • security of payment disputes.


Business Structures

The choice of your business structure is a critical decision that will impact on the conduct of the business and maybe ultimately the success of the business.

We will outline clearly the advantages and disadvantages of each structure and prepare all documentation for you.

You need expert and experienced advice when selecting the business structure that is best for you.

Succession planning ensures that a business will continue to exist regardless of the death, disability, resignation or retirement of key employees or the owners of the business.

A successful business plan identifies the parties that will buy or sell specific business assets.  It may also provide for a particular funding source to be created, for example, insurance against defined events or the creation of a sinking fund.

You need expert and experienced advice to develop a succession plan.

Tierney Law can assist with business agreements, business structure, and succession planning.



The terms of commercial leases can be vital to a business. Some businesses do not survive if they are required to vacate premises that have become critical to the goodwill of the business.

You need expert and experienced advice to avoid the potential pitfalls of leasing.

Tierney Law offers services in relation to chimerical, retail and residential leasing.



Thinking of borrowing or lending but you don’t want to go to the bank? Lending needs care. If you are lending like a bank, think like a bank. What happens if the lender does not pay? Carefully assess the borrower’s financial position, the extent of security for the loan and the general economics of the loan.  Assess not only the borrower’s means to answer your loan but your needs for the loan to be repaid.

Tierney Law offers advice in relation to

  • Loan Agreements
  • Guarantees
  • Reverse Mortgages


Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

Are you working with your financial advisor in relation to options for your superannuation?  Tierney Law can assist by guiding you through the legal implications and obligations if you choose to go down that path.  We can draft necessary Trust Deeds and agreements and conduct the conveyancing on any property purchase.

There is a lot that can go wrong, with potentially very serious consequences if your SMSF  is denied complying status. You need expert advice.




Do you have a strong grasp of which taxes will impact your or your business? We provide advice on specific taxes and taxation law, to help you understand your obligation in relation to tax. Tax disputes are a stressful and expert advice is essential.  Speak to us for advice in relation to your tax dispute.


Aviation Law

Tierney Law has experience in Avaition Law. Speak to our team to advice on this speicalised area.



Liquidation is the orderly winding up of a company’s affairs. Teirney Law offers services in relation to Corporate, Estate and General liquidation.