Deceased Estates

The administration of deceased estates is a complex and specialised field. Tierney Law has the expert and experienced staff to assist executors, administrators and trustees to competently and efficiently perform their duties.

For many executors, the death of a loved one is hard enough without the extra burden of managing financial matters.

We can advise on and assist with arranging the funeral; identifying the assets and liabilities; preparing any necessary court documentation; realising the assets and making distributions in accordance with the terms of the Will.

We will provide advice on the obligations and duties of executors, administrators and trustees, including the responsibilities to beneficiaries.

Tierney Law will review the nature and extent of your assets and advise if the estate can be administered without the expense and delay involved with seeking the authority of the Court.

There are specific and complex tax issues that relate to the administration of deceased estates. We will advise you of those issues if they arise.

Where there is no-one willing or suitable to be appointed as executor, one of our experienced solicitors will accept the role.

You need expert and experienced advice to successfully administer an estate, for assistance, Talk to Tierney Law.