Developing your Property

The Subdivision process is complex and prone to delay. It requires the co-operation of lawyers, surveyors and several government departments.

Our experienced staff will advise and assist you through the course of the Subdivision.

It is impossible to make precise and reliable promises on the timetable of a Subdivision. A typical Subdivision will generally take 4-12 months depending on the complexity and number of parties involved.

You need expert advice from experienced professionals when subdividing property.

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Strata Law 

The strata title legislation allows the division of an ordinary building block so that several titles can issue for what would otherwise be a single block.

Under the strata legislation it is possible to divide a block horizontally as well as vertically and thus give separate titles for individual flats in a  multi-story development. In Tasmania ‘villa units’ are common. These strata developments often take advantage of individual gardens, with a shared driveway over common property.

The strata title will have a site plan which will specify private areas of each lot and the common property.

Strata title legislation provides more options for development of your property. If your are looking into a strata development for your property, Teirney Law can assist.

Living in a property with a strata title comes with responsibilities. Navigating the requirements in relation to the body corporate, insurance requirements, by-laws and disputes with other unit owners can be complex. Tierney Law can assist.

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