Estate Planning

No one likes to think about death, but have you thought about the mess you could leave behind if you die without a Will?

Estate planning is a lifelong process of reviewing your situation and planning for the future. It includes planning for your retirement, for the possibility of disability and for death.

Estate planning must address the emotional needs of your family, your friends and yourself.

Estate planning considers a wide range of legal, financial, emotional and practical issues and will determine what happens to your family and your estate.

You need expert and experienced advice to implement a successful estate plan.

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Superannuation offers an effective way to accumulate wealth and is subject to generous tax concessions.

The regulations that apply to superannuation are complex and frequently change.

By making a Binding Death Benefit Nomination you can instruct that your superannuation assets pass direct to your family, without passing through your estate.

You need expert and experienced advice to take the greatest advantage of the concessional treatment of superannuation.

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Ownership Structure

The ownership structure of your assets will have a major impact on your estate planning and how those assets will pass to your family or beneficiaries.

Whether it is your home, the dream shack at the beach, bank account, share investment or business asset, you need expert and experienced advice so that the ownership structure is in accordance with your wishes for the future.

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New Relationships

New relationships have the potential to complicate the passing of your assets and the administration of your estate.

Successful estate planning will ensure that your assets go as you desire in the event of breakdown of a relationship, or the commencement of a new one.

You need expert and experienced advice to provide for changing relationships in your estate planning.

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Asset Protection

You have worked hard and had success but the future for financial and business assets is always uncertain, your assets need to be protected.

You need expert and experienced advice  to establish the business structures, insurances and trusts that are appropriate for your needs.

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