Boundary Disputes 

They say “good fences make good neighbours”.

There is no legal requirement to have a fence. However, if you own stock, you are responsible to contain them.

If you want a fence and you wish your neighbour to contribute to the cost of the fence, you should discuss it with the neighbour.

You will need to resolve:

  1. the style of fence;
  2. when it will be built;
  3. who shall build it; and
  4. how will the costs be shared.

Some neighbours agree for one to construct the fence and the other to pay for the materials. Others agree that each will fence different areas.

If your neighbour is un-neighbourly, you need expert and experienced advice.

Correcting your Boundary 

When a boundary is in the wrong place and needs to be corrected, Tierney Law can assist.

The boundary on your certificate of title may not match the fence line. Perhaps your roof overhangs your neighbour’s property? Maybe your neighbour crosses your property to access theirs?  If you want to move the boundary to resolve an issue the starting point is often negotiation with neighbours. Once a direction is agreed, you may need to work with surveyors and your local Council. ]

Tierney Law can let you know what is involved, prepare the required documents and guide you through the process.