Family Law

Separation is often stressful, emotionally challenging and legally confusing, particularly when children’s matters are involved. At Tierney Law we exercise compassion, understanding and consideration for your circumstances and financial burdens associated with relationship breakdowns. We approach all Family Law matters with empathy, respect and professionalism, striving to resolve disputes through mediation and negotiation before resorting to litigation.

Tierney Law lawyers offer expertise, experience and working knowledge of many areas of Family Law including parenting matters, child support matters, divorce and de facto proceedings, family violence matters, property agreements, and dispute resolution.

Having expertise in many areas of law applicable to Family Law practice, such as property and contracts, corporations and businesses, trusts and superannuation funds, we provide our clients with comprehensive advice and consider your matters from various angles.

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We can help you with

Parenting matters

Matrimonial and De Facto property settlements


Spousal Maintenance

Financial Agreements before, during or after your relationship

Injunctions, restraining orders and family violence orders

Criminal Matters