Tim Barrett

Tierney Law

After growing up in Sydney and living in NSW and Darwin, Tim moved to Tasmania and fell in love with its beauty.

Tim has been working in legal profession for nearly 40 years and has wide experience across many areas of law. He spent most of his working life as a barrister at the Sydney Bar and has briefed NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office for over 20 years. Tim has joined Tierney Law in 2014, his current and prior experience includes:

  • Civil litigation
  • Commercial law
  • Property transactions and litigation
  • Family law
  • Criminal litigation

Tim has been a member of Continuing Professional Development Committee and Pro-Bono Committee with the Law Society of Tasmania. Tim is also involved with a number of charity organisations.

Outside of Law, Tim enjoys cricket and follows Australian Rules Football (AFL).

You can contact Tim on 03 6220 2777 or at barrett@tlaw.com.au