Disputes & Litigation

A self-confessed ‘mainland refugee’, having spent all of my now 45 years as a practicing lawyer on the big island, I saw the light in 2014 and joined Tierney Law.

I am that increasingly less common lawyer, a generalist litigator. I have worked both sides of such litigation, having been both solicitor and barrister during my time in the profession.

Before coming to Tassie, I practiced in New South Wales for approximately 7 years as a solicitor and 25 years at the Sydney Bar, and in the Northern Territory for 4 years in both private and public practice.

I profess to having forgotten more law than I now know but am fortunately still able to turn out the odd useful nugget.

Outside of the law, I sail, dance, am involved in charitable organisations and follow cricket and AFL football.

You can contact me on (03) 6220 2777 or barrett@tlaw.com.au

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