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My practice is focused on Property, Estate Planning and Estate Management.

I founded Tierney Law in 2007 and remain a Director.

My dad lived a life of service to others and inspires me to live by his example. I have served the Law Society of Tasmania on various committees, including the Australian Property Law Group of the Law Council, Australia’s peak legal industry body. After about thirty years on the Property and Commercial Law Committee including acting as its chair, I received the Law Society’s inaugural President’s Award.

I have served with many groups in the Huon and represented the legal sector on the 26TEN Coalition – the community board for the State Government adult literacy and numeracy program.

I love music and the Huon Valley.

I author legal texts and precedent material for the international legal publisher Lexis Nexis, the Law Society and Law Council.

You can contact me on (03) 6220 2777 or tim@tlaw.com.au

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